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Why it’s so important to trust your technology services provider - Server Revolution

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Why it’s so important to trust your technology services provider

Why it’s so important to trust your technology services provider

Across the nation, companies of all shapes and sizes find themselves bearing the brunt of a disturbing trend. Every year they invest more resources into improving their digital security, and every year the frequency of cyberattacks across the nation grows. Seeing these statistics, the companies invest even more in digital security the following year, and the trend increases again. Over and over.

The cycle that cannot be broken and should never be ignored

Upon understanding this truism of the market, your first thought may be: Why invest money at all if the rate of attack still increases each year?

This is a dangerous proposition, because in most cases, your money is well spent and the increase in cybersecurity incidents is due to the increase in total attacks. To put it another way, a higher percentage of attacks is being halted than ever before; there are simply more threats on the market each day.

Damages related to incidents of cybercrime are forecast to amount to $6 trillion by 2021, and the progression toward this number continues each year. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are increasingly in danger of falling victim to a cyberattack as criminals probe for weakness in every sector of the market.

Asking tough questions of your technology services provider

Investing in a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy is essential to protect your company’s most valuable assets. And yet, this is one expense many companies OK and then walk away from without a second thought, trusting in their technology services provider to handle everything secret.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Trust is a two-way street, and while you do need to trust in your technology solutions provider, it is equally important that your provider work to earn that trust. Doing so starts with transparency, and your provider should be available whenever you need them to outline their cybersecurity strategy for your data and how they are evolving this strategy to meet common threats.

Discussing these topics should be part of an ongoing relationship you have with your technology services provider. It’s one that builds trust for both parties and helps you realize that in this day of increasing threats and spending, your data is still protected.

To learn more about how Server Revolution can work with you as your trusted technology services provider, contact us today.