When tech changes, who manages your security?

When tech changes, who manages your security

When tech changes, who manages your security?

When tech changes, who manages your securityIn the tech world, the smallest ripple coming from Google has a way of turning into a tidal wave felt by everyone. And most recently those waves have come from Google’s initiatives to reduce and eliminate application security issues.

Since April of 2016, the Google Play App Security Improvement Program has worked with more than 90,000 developers to help them correct security issues found in more than 275,000 apps. That’s a lot of work, and in a market that has very little existing regulation, it’s good to see Google using its considerable power to take the lead on initiatives that will ultimately benefit the user experience.

But what does that mean for you?

Changing security with changing times

Over the past year Google has worked with scores of developers to address flaws in hundreds of thousands of apps — but “worked with” is the key here. Because if you choose not to make improvements to correct the security issues Google identifies, then Google will no longer work with you (for example, by blocking your ability to release future editions of your app via Google Play). The threat is powerful enough to draw most app developers to toe the line and make the updates, and serves as an example for companies everywhere of the cost of creating tech in today’s market.

Maintaining top-end security

Whether you’re set on creating the latest app to be shared on Google Play or you’re simply interested in marketing your company through the internet, the future success of your business is tied to technology. And that technology is tied to security. For many companies, this poses a potential hurdle, because while you understand your own products and services inside and out, recognizing whether your security is satisfactory or even up to date is another matter entirely.

Server Revolution can help. Digital security is the primary focus of everything we do, and we understand that security and functionality go hand-in-hand. That’s why we work to develop a security plan as part of any client solution, and why we always work with clients to make sure their digital assets are always protected through the latest digital improvements. Because we understand that you know your product better than anyone else, and we have the security solutions to protect it.

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