Top trends shaping cloud computing today and tomorrow

Top trends shaping cloud computing today and tomorrow

Top trends shaping cloud computing today and tomorrow

Top trends shaping cloud computing today and tomorrowWe’re not shy in our support of cloud computing. For us, chief among its many amazing qualities is the fact that it is ever-changing and adaptable. Not surprisingly then, we kept that in mind as we set out to write today’s blog topic. Because when you’re talking about something as dynamic as cloud computing, you always have to be looking toward the future.

Here are some of the top trends we’re seeing today in cloud computing and a few we think will take the technology by storm in the years ahead.

Hot trends right now

* Convergence is key. One of the most attractive qualities of cloud technology is the increased security it provides — a must in a market where cybersecurity is always a focal point. Many companies have moved toward cloud technology to satisfy their security needs, and across the market we are now seeing an increase in personalized, private cloud options as companies try to take that next step to shelter themselves and their data. Most companies don’t have the expertise to manage every aspect of security, which is why many look externally to fulfill these needs.

* Cost conscious. As cloud options have grown, companies are no longer satisfied accepting the costs associated with cloud solutions as simply a business expense. Instead, companies are using their inherent knowledge of the system to more clearly define their expectations for cloud technology, as well as what they’re willing to pay for it.

* Cloud-specific apps. Instead of simply adding their current apps to their cloud system, many companies are tailoring their apps for the cloud. This allows them to take advantage of the strategic benefits the technology provides. In a market where there seems to be an app for everything, now there’s a cloud-friendly app for everything.

Hot trends for the years ahead

So what does the future look like? Expect these trends to be big in the years ahead.

* Customer power isn’t going away. We operate in the age of the customer, and that trend shows no signs of slowing down. Customers are more technology savvy — especially when it comes to mobile devices — than ever before. For the cloud, this means increasing customer-friendly offerings to make and maintain connections in a competitive market.

* The cloud is just the beginning. Today’s cloud technology is often seen as an end point, a final destination where all of our most important data is saved. But as the cloud continues to develop, there is potential life beyond this save zone. Expect cloud technology to merge into a gateway for hybrid IT offerings and encompass even more solutions earmarked for traditional IT roles than it already does today, particularly as more and more people become aware of the cloud’s limitless capabilities. In 10 years, who knows, it’s possible your company may even invest in its own “cloud department.”

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