Managed Services

Let us take the stress out of your data management.

You have a business to run, and if it hasn’t been under a rock for the past 40 years, it’s highly dependent on new technology.


That doesn’t mean you have the time, money, manpower and energy to constantly maintain and update your IT systems. After all, you’re responsible for a multitude of other daily functions impacting your bottom line.


That’s where Server Revolution comes in. Once hired, we conduct an expert overview of all your IT functions, incorporate them into our daily operations and take away your hardware concerns, maximizing your services out of our secure, ultra-redundant and highly monitored facilities. No longer do you need to worry about fielding threats to data security, maintaining continuity of service or unexpectedly exceeding storage capacity; we seamlessly handle all those details in one complete package so you can focus on your other business goals. Everything in your environment is managed, monitored and optimized, from your PCs and servers to switches and firewalls — even the printers on your network.


Relax. We’ve got this.


As we start managing your systems, feel free to think of us as your virtual CIO, or your private technology consultant. Our goal is to make your previous IT problems go away and to operate like a well-oiled machine so you rarely need to check behind the scenes of your technology. In fact, we make it look easy to keep operations smooth, allaying any gaps in service that could negatively impact your profits. That’s partly because we monitor your systems 24-7, enabling us to anticipate issues before they even begin.


Cutting-edge cloud access.


Ninety-five percent of IT professionals this year are using the cloud in some capacity, but 32 percent are challenged to maximize its use by a lack of expertise and viable resources. That’s where Server Revolution steps up. We offer real-time remotely managed back-up of your critical systems to the cloud, with customized bandwidth, remote data replication, de-duplication of data for minimized space and dedicated firewall protection. Further, we invest in enterprise-level technology so you don’t have to.


Once we have your data protected, you decide on our level of management. At your request, we can handle everything from vendor management to mobile device management and IT budgeting.


In short, our goal is to ensure your IT environment is optimized for performance and minimized for risk.


Your 24-7 watchdog


Turning your IT systems over to us will bring you peace of mind, since we monitor and maintain our equipment around the clock. Because we maximize redundancy and constantly test our systems for reliability, you need not be concerned about the loss of mission-critical data. But in the event of unavoidable acts, we will respond accordingly to ensure your business goals are met.


Saver of space


While some clients prefer to keep their own hardware, others value the simplicity and extra free space once we move everything to our facility. All you need on site once joining with us are your company desktops and printers, and Internet connectivity. Cost savings notwithstanding, many clients see that as a greener option than investing in multiple hardware elements.


Server Revolution can take the worry out of dealing with the technology you need to run your business. Contact us at (952) 314-1441.

Fully Monitored, Fully Managed

Patching, Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware

Flexible To Your Business Needs

What’s Included

Proactive Maintenance

Your assigned Engineer will work directly with your teams to go deeper than just health checks on your systems. We will work with you to customize a standardization plan within IT best practices.  The goal is full optimization for performance, security, and reliability, while reducing overall incident rate.

Active Monitoring

Monitoring and Maintenance of critical IT systems, every day, all the time, to ensure maximum uptime and efficient issue resolution.




vCIO Services

Allowing you to leverage our depth of knowledge in technology, we provide Virtual Chief Information Officer services to assist your business in navigating the needs and requirements associated with today’s computing environments.


Managed Backup

Secure backup of your systems and data, fully managed and replicated offsite. Flexible recovery options, from a single file to full recovery in our cloud.








Full Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware

All workstations and servers will have managed AV/AM installed with full automation for updates. This is critical for protection from today’s cyber threats.








Systems Patching

Updates to the operating systems for servers and workstations to ensure your business is protected from known vulnerabilities.









Managed Firewall

Dedicated and managed firewall protection that includes gateway anti-virus, intrusion prevention, anti-spam, anti-malware, and secure remote access for users.







Dedicated Engineer

Your business will have a lead from our team assigned as your primary resource. They will know all the in’s and out’s of your business and be able to document that for our team. They will also lead the initiatives for standardizing your environment for maximum efficiency, security, and reliability.




Regular Reporting

Major metrics around our technology performance will be provided at regular intervals, allowing you to see the impact our efforts bring to your business.








Our data centers are designed from the ground up to support full 100% uptime.