Don’t tackle cybersecurity alone

Don’t tackle cybersecurity alone

Don’t tackle cybersecurity alone

Don’t tackle cybersecurity aloneWhen it comes to cutting costs in your business, you’ll explore every opportunity. Why wouldn’t you? And some of these explorations may have piqued your curiosity as to whether you can save money by handling your own cybersecurity. After all, you can work with your employees to make sure no one is opening any inappropriate emails, right?

If only it were that simple.

Cybersecurity threats grow in severity and cunning every single day, and not every threat comes through opening the wrong email — though that possibility certainly still exists. Threats abound from myriad sources, and if your cybersecurity is compromised, the damage will extend far beyond any monetary loss and could permanently hamper your company’s reputation and ability to do business should private customer information be exposed.

With this risk in mind, you can’t afford to tackle your cybersecurity alone. Here are five reasons a managed IT provider can help while still being mindful of your budget.

* Cutting-edge tactics. We already mentioned that new cybersecurity threats are appearing all the time, and keeping abreast of them is a full-time job in and of itself. However, you already have a full-time job running your business. Trusting your cybersecurity to your IT provider — who makes such issues their full-time job — allows you to rest assured your security is in their capable hands.

* Managed IT costs. Your budget is always on your mind, and outsourcing your IT makes budgeting easy by providing you with one fixed cost — a cost more affordable than making an in-house hire — and protects you from the unpredictability of in-house system upgrade needs.

* Improved security. Industry knowledge is one thing, but the proper IT solutions are entirely another. Your managed IT provider will store your data through cloud-based technology, which IT experts agree improves the security of your data when compared to conventional in-house storage units.

* Leveling the playing field. Infrastructure costs money — in some cases, too much money. However, by partnering with an IT solutions provider, your company can enjoy access to the latest technological offerings without the increased IT spend.

* Ongoing training and support. Just because you don’t want to make cybersecurity and data storage your full-time job doesn’t mean you don’t want to know what’s going on. Your IT solutions provider understands this and can work with you as a partner in your data security initiatives. From training materials for your staff to consultations with you and your team on the latest threats and opportunities, your IT solutions provider is your partner in all things data and cybersecurity. As you explore new opportunities, it’s always good to have a partner.

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