Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility

Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility

Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility

Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibilityWe talk a lot in this blog about the importance of protecting your company’s data through the right technology services provider. Don’t get us wrong, that aspect of your digital security is incredibly important. However, equally important is making sure everyone on your staff is in line with your company’s cybersecurity strategy and doing their part to keep your data safe.

“As long as there’s human beings, there will be security breaches and security flaws,” Robert Herjavec, founder of the cybersecurity firm Herjavec Group, told Tech Republic.

Malware and phishing scams remain the top cybersecurity threats for companies in 2018, yet these scams still require that final action be taken by an in-house employee — be it clicking on a link or opening an attachment — to begin stealing data. Reminding employees to avoid opening any suspect links or attachments is a good idea, and employees should be coached to bring anything they are unsure of to their IT department instead of trying to handle it themselves. Herjavec says he even recommends companies create and utilize their own phony phishing scams to test employees and see that all team members are following specified protocol.

Being mindful of hardware

Ensuring a company’s cybersecurity requires employees to protect both the company’s software and its hardware, and as remote work opportunities have continued to grow, protecting this hardware has become more difficult.

Many companies have yet to establish formal policies around how employees should care for company laptops, tablets and other digital devices outside the office. They mistakenly believe employees will naturally look after these items as if they were their own possessions.

Unfortunately for these companies, though, there is no guarantee such preferential treatment will take place. Instead of leaving it to chance, companies should outline formal policies regarding the care and security of their technological property outside the office. This allows employees to understand the severity of the situation, learn tips for protecting their technology while remote and even realize the consequences that will come with failure to follow these guidelines.

Establishing such a policy can seem strict, but the dangers related to a cybersecurity breach are simply too important to ignore.

Finding solutions to your cybersecurity questions

If you have questions regarding the cybersecurity of your hardware or software, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our cybersecurity technology solutions and how we can help your company empower your employees with the security strategies they need to protect your data.