Cut costs by putting your IT infrastructure on the move

Cut costs by putting your IT infrastructure on the move

Companies across the nation practice myriad business models, but they can all agree on one thing — they’re interested in cutting unnecessary costs wherever they can. Lower-costs vendors, improved efficiency and cheaper raw materials are all strategies many companies employ. But as businesses look for ways to cut costs, we have to ask, why do so few look toward IT?

Understanding your options

Many companies see their IT expense as necessary, and too few understand that there are cost savings to be had regarding their IT spend, just as there are in raw materials or vendor relationships.

Take, for example, the company’s IT infrastructure. Here many companies are guilty of retaining the existing infrastructure simply because that is the way it has always been done. This thought process blocks them off to the realization that there is a better — and cheaper — way to handle their IT needs without a drop in service.

Owning an in-house server system represents a significant capital expense and one that many companies mistakenly believe is finite. It’s not. Technology improves, and new threats emerge, demanding that existing IT solutions evolve as well. And that evolution costs money.

In addition, the purchase of conventional servers thereby places a limit on the amount of data the company can store. And as the company grows, they are essentially outgrowing their own IT infrastructure and working their way toward new expenses they need to pay.

A more cost-effective solution

Fortunately, the advent of cloud technology eliminates this concern. Instead of essentially outgrowing their space, companies can transition their existing data caches to the cloud by renting space from a technology services provider. This frees them from the concerns of outgrowing their existing data space and also ensures their security concerns will be handled without their ever having to lift a finger.

The result is a more flexible solution that can grow with the company while providing top-notch security, and for the company itself, the partnership with their IT services provider becomes as simple as their relationship with their utility providers. It’s as dependable as turning on a light, and all for a fraction of the cost of their previous in-house server option. That’s a benefit companies everywhere can get behind.

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