About Us

We’re Server Revolution, and we’re here to revolutionize the way you think about your data storage.

Sure, our competitors offer some of the same services piecemeal. We get that. The difference is the way we smoothly take all elements of data storage and security off your crowded slate of responsibilities, allowing you to rid your mind of IT details and maximize other elements of your business instead.

We understand you.

You’re a good-sized company, but not so massive you can hire a full-sized IT department that can effectively handle all your technology issues, keep on top of cutting-edge industry developments and anticipate changes that will impact all that in the coming years.


In fact, you’d rather not even think about your data storage, though that can be difficult when security breaches hit the news seemingly every hour. Last year, cybersecurity breaches increased by 38 percent worldwide while theft of hard intellectual property increased 56 percent research shows. This year 58 percent of businesses have an information security plan in place, while 24 percent have higher budgets. Another study places the average cost per data breach, per organization at $4 million, and the cost of each confidential record that’s stolen or lost at $158.


Here’s some good news: By letting us work as your virtual CIO, you let us worry about all that.

We don’t do things halfway.

Other companies offer individual services that might address one of your data problems, requiring you to track who’s doing what and which issues (if any) they’re actually solving. Here, we consult you on your challenges and goals, then wrap up the answers in one seamless solution. Once we establish that relationship of trust with you, you’ll seldom have to even call us (unless you want to).

We’re unmatched in expertise. 

Because we specialize in the intricacies of data storage and security, we consistently keep abreast of the latest trends and innovations in our industry.  You need not worry your critical business functions are guarded by less-than-optimal equipment and techniques; We keep systems are enterprise level — the most robust, reliable and redundant backup on the market.


One proviso: We’re not robots. We don’t leave everything up to machinery. Your data is double-guarded 24-7, 356 days a week by real human beings ready to spring into action in the event of any emergency.

We’re thinking ahead for you.

Because data storage is our bread and butter, we’re constantly predicting the data-related challenges of the future, studying technological advancements and considering steps we might need to improve our processes and safeguard your information. Rest assured you’ll always be protected by best practices, now and in the coming years.

Leadership Team

Our technical staff is second to none for understanding data center solutions. We understand the depths of every aspect of our environments, with highly trained and certified staff on every level.

Dan Olsen
Adrian Olson
Senior Engineeer and Architect
Diana Harrison
Diana Harrison
Henry Cornelius

Server Revolution can take the worry out of dealing with the technology you need to run your business.


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